I have 2 kittens; one male and one female. The male is 12 weeks old and a British-shorthair. He was also the first kitten I bought. When I bought the kitten, he was just 10 weeks old, so he has been living about 2 weeks with us. We bought the second kitten, which is a mix British-shorthair and Angora, 2 days ago. She is 8 weeks old.

Problem: I failed the "first impression" by letting them know each other without the cage. The male attacked her and at that point I interrupted. Every time they see each other, the male is slowly going to sniff her and she is attacking him. After that, the male attacks. The female can't really control her claws, because I think she is too young and her mother abandoned her, which is bad.

Now I managed that they eat food with each other, of course different bowls, but side by side. After they finished a little bit of peaceful sniffing and that, they attack.

Questions: Is the age gap a problem? The female is now afraid of the male; is it going to stay like that? Any advice on how to get them along? They have plenty toys to play, but if the male sees her, he ignores his favorite toys completely.

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