So my daughter's leopard gecko has stuck junk in her trunk. She has been pooping fine, but there is a piece of hard poo that won't come out. I don't think it is impaction. My daughter has been trying to remove it carefully with tweezers and a wet cotton swab, but it is as hard as a rock. The droppings are also very stuck inside and are hard to remove or even pull out.

Things used in her enclosure:

  • Coconut fiber
  • 10 gallon tank
  • Fake plants
  • Plastic water bowl
  • Wood branch
  • Plastic realistic hide

Should I stop using any of these items? Does this happen often? Do I need medical help or can I do it myself? What is the cause? She eats only mealworms, some crickets, and they are dusted with calcium and vitamins. Otherwise, she is in great health. Please help, I am worried! Thank you.

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    Welcome to Pets! A picture would help a lot. Does it look like clogged femoral pores or is it actual poo? What's the humidity in the enclosure? Please edit your question and provide more information. Mealworms are not very nutritious and shouldn't make up the majority of the diet, as explained in this question and this question.
    – Elmy
    Nov 20, 2020 at 6:33


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