My female rabbit likes to sit on the grass in my garden. In summer this seems normal to me, but in the colder seasons I am worried about her health.

For example today it is a cloudy, foggy and rainy day (the third in a row) with 7 degrees Celsius. The grass, logically, is wet.

When do rabbits need an insulation from the ground?

(My rabbits could choose between a hut to sit on top, a tub with wood pellets and straw standing on the ground in their enclosure and a hut/stable with air+tub (includes wood pellets+straw) between them and the ground.)


My female rabbit likes to snuggle in tunnels with both ends open. Maybe provide your rabbit with some soft tunnels?

  • Hi, your answer is extremely short and would be more suited for a comment, answers should optimally be longer, could you please add some more information, thanks. – lila Nov 9 '20 at 22:10
  • my rabbits like this too. They have an orange tunnel-pipe like they were used for waste-waters in house-building. I have 3parts to change the arrangement for attraction (I change around 4 times in one year) – Allerleirauh Nov 10 '20 at 4:49

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