Her eyes are cloudy and I would have seen that, long before now. We're each other's emotional support buddies. It wasn't till her vision was gone, that I noticed any changes in her eyes. First, thought was she was weak and couldn't make it back on the bed at night, when I'd find in floor in the am. Now, I know she couldn't find the bed, everytime. I had to clean her eyes a few times because of a slight discharge. Her being thought of as weak, to finding out she can't see, was about three days. I do plan to take her to vet, just waiting on cash flow. She 7 years old.

  • Hi, welcome to Pets; could you please make a few photos of her eyes and include them in the question? Thanks. And I am so sorry for this to have happened to your beloved dog. – lila Aug 13 at 0:21
  • Sorry, but your question is very hard to understand because of bad english. Are her eyes cloudy or not? (Depending on your language, some translators have a tendency to change the meaning...) Could you please edit your question and make the meaning clear? Please use very short and simple sentences. (It doesn't matter if english is not your native language or you're dyslexic, we won't judge you. We just want to help you, but we need to understand the facts to do that.) – Elmy Aug 14 at 16:23

I don't have a solution to what the disease could exactly be. I could only guess, based on your description, that it could be cataracts of both eyes, because cataract is what manifests as cloudy and opacified lens of the eye. Cataract usually progresses over a long time, but it could also onset quickly after a blunt trauma to the eye(s) or radiation exposure - the radiation being either UV or ionizing radiation.

An old tale I was told a long ago tells about a welder that was working outside and didn't lock up his dog - the result was complete blindness of the free-roaming-around dog and a wise tale that is being told to kids to teach them to never look at the welder's arc. An idiom "as blind as a welder's dog" is apparently even an actual, popular thing. I could only guess, but an accident like that might have taken place in case of your dog if she is being let to roam free in the neighbourhood.

It could also be nuclear sclerosis, which has seemingly similar symptoms; your dog is 7 years old and as Wikipedia says:

In veterinary practice, nuclear sclerosis is a consistent finding in dogs greater than six years old.

It's doesn't opacify the lens and cause as much vision loss as much as cataracts do, though, but is still clearly visible as cloudiness.

But the sure thing is the sooner you'll visit the veterinarian, the more possible would be recovering the vision of your dog. It could as well be something entirely different that is causing this problem and maybe the rapid medical action is essential for preventing permanent blindness.

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    Thanks for the responses, Piper has glaucoma. 😕 – Stephie Tater Aug 22 at 8:15

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