Bottom one seems to be, but I'm not positive. Please help me, I need to know before she pops!

enter image description here

  • Hi, I think both of your guppies seem to be pregnant (technically formal term in this case is not pregnant, but "gravid"). And yes, it's hard to tell in the upper one, because their natural black colouring is the same as that of a gravid spot, but I think these are visible in both of your fish. Please see the linked question for more information. – lila Jun 29 at 14:56
  • both of your guppys are pregnant the only guppys that are not pregnant is called males :) why do you need to know if they are pregnant,you can not do anything about it,if you want to take care of the babies you need to give the babies hiding places like plants and decoration in your tank. – trond hansen Jun 29 at 16:46
  • please take a look at this to learn about guppys aquariumadviser.com/how-to-tell-if-guppies-are-pregnant and how to care for the babies – trond hansen Jun 29 at 16:53

Guppies are always gravid if there is an adult male in the tank.

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    female guppys can store sperm until later so they can get pregnant multiple times so removing the males does not always work in limiting the number of babies. – trond hansen Jun 29 at 16:24
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