I've had my cat since it was a kitten. He is strictly indoor and has never been around other cats. He's now 7 years old. I've also befriended a stray and been feeding her for the last 2½ years and she decided to make my patio her home. They've never met except through the window and my cat isn't thrilled with her.

Now I'm moving to a house in a busier neighborhood. Should I take her and try to introduce them? Would it be OK to keep her as indoors as well? She's tried to come in, but I know my indoor cat would be upset. What should I do with her?

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    If you have time to try, you could let them meet (as like as you want to make the stray part of the family) and look how it goes. But if you move "tomorrow" it will be much more difficult – Allerleirauh May 30 at 16:48
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    Since you have been feeding (and maybe talking and tending to) the stray for so long, your indoor cat is aware of the other cat. It can't hurt to try. – WorkableFixative Jun 1 at 19:50

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