I think I saw years ago some Scooby Snacks in real life: are they still made? I haven’t seen them in dog treats form in a while in stores. I also saw them as a fruit snack, just to clarify. I recently saw them as a graham cracker sub-variety.

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I've heard of these as well, but actually never seen them in any of my local pet stores (in Poland, that is). But I've looked on Amazon and it turns out that yes, they're currently still in stock.

I'm not really sure whether they're the same brand you've seen years ago though. It could be the case that they're the same - "Scooby Snacks" besides being fictional, also turn out to be a licensed product (source: Wikipedia).

And regarding your edit about them being fruit based: yes, from what I found it turns out that they also exist and are in stock. I don't want to come off as promoting a particular product though; instead, I will just post search results of "Scooby Doo fruit snacks" from amazon.com and these on the top should be what you're looking for.


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