My tortoise was wheezing for a while. I took him to the doctor, who gave him antibiotics. Everything was fine.

Now he’s wheezing or whistling again, not sure how to describe it. Should I be concerned again?

He does eat well, his humidity is up and down and he sleeps normal.


It would be difficult to diagnose over the Internet without hearing the sound in person. But yes, a tortoise making consistent whistling, wheezing or hissing sounds while breathing could suggest its upper respiratory system infection. If there is visible slimy mucus discharge from the nose then you could be fairly sure it's an infection, but it could still be the case even without the mentioned discharge. Also you could look for other signs of infection like swollen and inflamed eyes, but I'd say excessive wheezing is enough of a concern itself to consult a veterinarian.

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    My Toroise name is Sheldon, his Dr said to give him the anabiotic‘s for 6 weeks so I’m doing this, but I do have one more concern he fights very hard to come out of his Cage so I let him out is that ok – Gina May 10 at 15:39
  • Oh @Gina as I understand you want to let Sheldon out of the cage so he could have a walk, am I correct? If that's the case then please don't take him out unless it's really necessary because he currently needs a peaceful time and a lot of rest to fight the infection. Also by the way I didn't know you are using a cage, please consider keeping Sheldon in a glass terrarium instead because terrarium would provide better heat insulation. It is essential because tortoises are cold-blooded and thus sensitive to changes in temperature. Any time there's a draught or just an opened window he might ... – lila May 11 at 20:33
  • ... get a thermal shock and that could also lead to upper respiratory system infections. – lila May 11 at 20:34
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    Thank you Sorry my spelling is not so well I do have him in a 40 gallon tank humidity is right where it should be and I had to he’s doing much better but he still fights and fights to get out so I let him walk around the house for one hour, Sheldon came from a teacher and she always let him out to be around the kids “Is that’s why he always wonts out. I am very new to tortoise but I adopted him so I wanna make sure he’s OK – Gina May 12 at 22:27
  • Ah @Gina, I apologize for not answering for so long. Okay, if his home is a tank then it's great. About letting him out: actually as far as I know, tortoises could sometimes display symptoms like you described - visible agitation and restlessness - as a response to infection and related distress. I don't know what type of tortoise Sheldon is, but long time ago I had 2 turtles - red-eared sliders - and I also used to frequently take them out to let them walk around the house (with my constant supervision) - much later I learned that it's actually bad to let most tortoises and turtles out ... – lila May 17 at 20:29

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