I am fostering a 10 week old kitten, tested negative for feline leukemia (but littermates are positive). He's the sweetest kitten, is very cuddly, walks around the house with me (and that's just after 3 days), always wants to be with me, but doesn't really play. I have the feathers, the balls, the mice, but he's not interested in them.

Is this typical? He seems healthy in other ways (eating, drinking, litter boxing).


Animals have different personalities. Some kittens may not be attracted to toys. Not playing with toys alone is not a symptom.

Lethargy itself is an important symptom and a good reason for an early vet visit. However, if he follows you and if he shows a decent activity doing so, as long as he doesn't show any other symptoms, I would not worry about it.

Furthermore, there is a good chance the kitten is very attached to you. Try to be present in his playtime. Drag a string on the ground, or move the toys yourself. Check if he engages with the toys. If this is the case, it means he prefers you over toys.

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    Plus some cats are peculiar when it comes to toys. Maybe the OP just hasn’t found the “right” kind of toy. – Stephie Apr 26 at 17:41

No isn't sound typical. Because your sweety (kitten) is growing elder. he wants to be a usual cat. this time he is making the decision he is continuing with you or going to be a wild cat. I guess that's all. I have a tip for you. This time to more take care of him, it will help him to make a decision easily to be with you.

Give him a kiss to me.

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    Welcome! Have you noticed that the kitten in the question is only ten weeks old? That is far too young to turn into an adult cat? At that age, a kitten would normally still be with his mother and quite a while away from being a grown cat. – Stephie Apr 26 at 17:37
  • Yes, I did. this is far too baby kitten to young kitten. – RABIUL HOSSAIN Apr 26 at 17:41

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