We’ve had our Female Red Ear Slider for about 10 years. She’s in a tank that holds 90 gallons currently. Originally, we had little pellet rocks at the bottom of the tank about 2 inches deep. She started pushing her backside into the rocks acting like she was going to lay an egg, but never did. About a year ago, we removed the pellet rocks thinking it will help. Ever since then she’s been laying eggs non stop. Within this past year she’s laid about 17-20 unfertilized eggs. Today she laid 9 eggs in a row. Is there a way to stop this from happening? Is there something we are doing wrong?


Short answer: you could not stop it. You could be happy that your turtle not died because she was eggbound!

Long answer you will find in this pets.SE question: Red eared slider laying eggs into the water

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