It started on the inside and now it is all over her ear. The vet told us to put some cream on it. It got worse, so we have her in a cone and some antibiotics. Any have any idea? I’m so sad to see my kitty like visible on the attached photograph.

She is 3 years old and it’s been about a month. We have one more cat that seems fine. They are both indoor cats.

enter image description here

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This can be many different things, from scabies to allergy or even a fungal infection.

You will have to take your cat to an other vet for a second opinion. The vet you are using now could have done a better job diagnosing and treating your cat.

It looks to me like this might be a fungal infection; if it is, then your other cat is at risk of getting it. However, I am in no way saying it will get it, only that there is a risk.

It does not look like it is an allergic reaction to me, but only a vet can tell this for sure; your vet might have given the right treatment, my guess is that the cream might have been an anti-fungal one.

Your vet will probably have to run some additional tests to find the cause for this, that ear does definitely not look good at all.

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