been feeding twice a day a 8 mo old female feral cat.she comes faithfully everyday several times throughout the day. She also sleeps in shelter we made her.She appeared with mommy feral cat. I am able to reach down and just barely touch her nose with a spoon with food. She even comes running when I call her in early hours. I am moving in two weeks. I have trapped her and had her spayed with her sister that I haven't seen in a week.We had her spayed too. I have been reading that it can be very traumatizing on them to take them from their birth surroundings and will try to find way back.. I do not want to leave her behind as neighbors are not as loving and caring about ferals as me. She looks forward to her warm milk every evening. Where we are moving to has no garage or cellar to confine her to get use to her new smells. Any suggestions?? I will be heart broken to drive away and thinking what will she do tomorrow.. thank you Ive named her Checkers.

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