I accidentally popped a tick on my dog's eyelids and unfortunately blood got on his eyes, the blood went away in a while but was the blood that got to his eyes will be dangerous? What can I do myself? Thank you!


I do not think you need to worry,the blood is from your dog and it is mixed with an anti coagulant the ticks produce to keep the blood flowing so the tick can feed on the blood.

The danger with ticks is they can transfer illness to your dog so the best you can do now is to keep an eye on your dog to see if there is swelling around the bite area,and to keep an eye on yor dog to see if your dog gets ill and or gets a fever.

If your dog shows sign of illness you need to contact your vet for treatment,You might want to call your vet to get advice about this as there is some areas where ticks cause a larger danger to your dog.

It is not likely your dog gets innfected via the eyes as the liquid in the eyes of mamals do protect against innfections to a large degree.

  • @Dennis If the tick popped, the head is probably still burried inside the skin. If you can see it or grab it with some tweezers, you should try removing it. If not (or if you're not confident you can do it without further hurting your dog), you should probably ask a vet for help. If the head remains inside the skin, it can cause inflammation. – Elmy Mar 3 '20 at 8:22
  • @Elmy you are right but i my experience getting the remaining body parts of the tick out is wery hard,asking the vet for help is good advice. – trond hansen Mar 3 '20 at 9:52

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