My Syrian hamster is about 1 and a half years old and still doesn’t stop chewing the cage, no mater what. I’ve given her chew stick, toys, hay toys and I’ve sprayed the are she bites with hamster safe no chew spray. Yet she still bites she has a big cage with a lot of floor room. Unfortunately she’s not able to be handle as she get stressed and bites so I can’t take her out for a ‘play time’. I’m think of just getting her a glass tank but I’m not sure and only want to do it as a last resort. What els can I do?

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    When you say she has a big cage. How much floor space does she actually have? You can try giving her cardboard and wood the chew on. – SimplyRedAppaloosa Feb 22 at 7:29
  • A syrian hamster needs a minimum of 100x40cm ground floor space. Additional floors do not count for more space. To get out could have other reasons too: hiding from wind or view, get to a warmer/colder space, boredom – Allerleirauh Feb 25 at 21:48

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