I have below pair of budgies. I think the white one is male and yellow one is female, however I want a confirmation.

Please help in identifying the gender.

enter image description here enter image description here


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The dark yellow one is a female - note the brown above the beak (cere).

The other budgie, the pale yellow (I don't see it as white) is likely a young male with the purple cere, that will turn blue as he matures.

They are very cute, enjoy!

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enter image description here


Consider the age of your budgie. If your budgie is less than 4 months old, it will have immature colors respective to their sex. Before this time, the colored area that shows sex will be pink or purple on a male and white or pale blue on a female. If your budgie hasn't had its first molt, has dark button eyes, and has bars coming from its head to cere, then it's less than four months old.

  • If your budgie is immature or less than 4 months old, the cere on males will slowly turn deep blue and females will keep white or pale blue before showing tan.

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