My turtle tank is half of its height filled with water. Where the filtered water falls from the pipe into the water, there is a lot of limescale on the glass.

What tools (sponge, brush...) could I use to clean this (do not empty the tank is favored)? Is it needed to treat the "tool" before use? Is there a "soap" which does not kill / harm turtle and fish?


To clean aquarium glass you can use:

  • A kitchen scrub made of plastic, the ones made for cleaning pots and pans.

  • A paint scraper, you can get this in your local hardware store, be sure you do not harm the silicone in your tank if you use this.

Do not use any types of chemicals when you clean the glass in your tank if you have any animals or plants in the tank.

The things you can remove from your tank for cleaning can be cleaned with vinegar.

Be sure you rinse everything multiple times and be sure it is dry before you put it back in your tank.

Again: DO NOT USE ANY CHEMICALS IN YOUR TANK when you have animals or plants in the tank.

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  • Do I have to clean the scrub before use?If yes, how? I am worried about chemicals used for production or to make the product looks and feels more "buy-able" – Allerleirauh Nov 30 '19 at 6:49
  • yes you need to rinse the scrub to be sure it is clean,even if they are clean from chemicals they might have been in storage collecting dust. – trond hansen Nov 30 '19 at 7:59

Get a razor-blade scraper from a hardware store if you don't want to remove everything from the tank. You can lower the water level to catch what you scrape off, or use a in-tank siphon cleaner, but this is the easiest way to clean a glass surface without having to drain and do a ton of work cleaning up chemicals. Otherwise, I fully agree with the vinegar soaking method for anything that can be removed.

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