She is almost 2 years old and is a a mix or red nose pitbull and I believe Golden lab with faun color short hair. She weights about 50lbs and very agile acrobatic and so intelligent.

What is this dark spot that appeared on her anus?

Graphic image - Hover over to view:

enter image description here

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    Welcome to Stack Exchange Pets! Please take the tour and have a look at the help center, especially How to ask questions. Stack Exchange is no general discussion forum, but a Q&A site. Your post doesn't contain any question. Granted, I can easily guess what your question would be, but I could be wrong. To make sure you get useful answers that help you and other users, please edit your post and clarify your question. – Elmy Oct 10 '19 at 9:24
  • Welcome to Pets Stack Exchange :) I've edited your question to make your intent clearer. Hopefully this helps with @Elmy 's comment. I've additionally hidden the image behind a 'spoiler' tag which means you need to hover over it to see it now. Due to the nature of the picture, some viewers might find it disturbing. If you wish to view it, hover your mouse over. – Henders Oct 10 '19 at 17:32

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