I have had two cats, 4 years old, that I raised from kittens. One boy, one girl. They've tolerated each other and can sometimes be seen sitting on the same perch together. They have their moments of "UGH I hate you!" and bat at each other and yell, but what they did this morning was so different.

They puffed up, screamed, and fought light two absolutely feral cats on the street. I had to leave for work, but I'm not convinced I'll be going home to living cats.

Could a feral animal outside set one cat off? My girl cat was at the window when I heard the commotion. I went over to check it out and she had flown into a fit which, I assume, made my boy cat panic and then they went at it. I was definitely caught in the cross fire trying to pull them apart. I was definitely panicking, which I know doesn't help the situation, but I wasn't sure what to do. By the time I left for work, they were under different pieces of furniture yelling and hissing at each other.

I spoke to them calmly and could pet the boy cat, but the girl cat was still completely nuts. They were both wholly different cats I'd never seen before. I've seen cats fight. I've seen my cats fight. I have never seen aggression like this ever.

What would have caused this? Will they get over it? Is there anything I can do to help mitigate cat fights like this, without sacrificing my own skin? Would it be best to leave them alone for the day to figure things out?

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