I have 3 'mature' cats (age 7, 7 (littermates) and 12). All get on fine and often hang out and nap together, eat together happily, use the same litter boxes etc.

We have been taking a few overnight trips and leaving the cats at home overnight with enough supply of food, water etc. We remotely monitor the house with smart cameras to make sure everything is ok. While away the cats don't seem upset in any way, in fact they seem to enjoy the napping time and eating whenever they want - although they are pleased to see us when we get back!

I did once take a trip of about 4 days and had a neighbour drop in twice a day, which went ok but I don't want to impose on neighbours for much longer than that as that's a bit cheeky! (And the neighbour isn't really a cat person!)

Now we are potentially planning a trip away from home for around 7-10 days.

The options seem to be to book the 3 into a cattery or to get a cat sitter (we don't have a suitable person nearby who we could rely on to come by daily or twice a day).

Which do you think is a better option? To book the cats into a cattery or get a cat sitter to visit them at home?

Here's what I have thought of so far:

  • Cat sitter - stay in familiar surroundings but potentially left alone for much more time in total.
  • Cattery - secure environment, no chance to 'run away' thinking that we are not coming back, more interaction? - unfamiliar environment.

What should I look for in a cat sitter or cattery? (e.g. some of them send photos and updates via WhatsApp or similar which I like the sound of!)

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