Just curious if anyone understand why my cat seems to go crazy for coconut oil?

Do they have different ways of perceiving taste than us?

I have tasted the coconut oil and the flavor is very mild. I don't understand why he likes it so much.

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    I can't find good reference for it but I suspect it is the fat content that the cat craves and enjoys so much. Many creatures, including humans. can detect the 'fatfullness' of food as almost another taste, and find it highly rewarding because it's energy dense. – Meg Sep 9 '19 at 15:15
  • In cooking there is a saying that tells "fat" isn't just a word, but also an acronym - for "flavor and texture". It could suggest that this type of fat has a specific kind of flavor and texture that appeals to cats ^.^ – lila Jan 27 at 5:03

Coconut oil is great for skin, hair, and teeth; it has all the good fatty acids in it and is contained in hydrolyte. (Lately, the "expensive" cat food labels have made a point of adding coconut oil into their tinned cat food.) It has appeal to cats and humans alike, and is considered a superfood. It's great for heart health, and has no cholesterol.

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