I’m not sure what happened to his Finns and I need help to find out exactly what the issue is and ways I can help treat him. He lives in a 2 gallon filtered and heated tank with gravel and fake plants. He does have one rock that is slightly sharp with a live plant living on top. I’ve also noticed he got these brown dots on the top of head and body that weren’t there before. Are these just apart of his coloring changing or is it a symptom of another issue? Thanks and let me know as soon as possible!!enter image description here

  • Welcome to Pets SE! The first thing you should do is check your water chemistry. pH, ammonia, nitrates are good to know. You don’t say how long he’s been in his tank but this looks like a water quality issue. Colour changes can be normal (brown sounds ok), but they can also indicate chemistry problems (red veins in fins indicate ammonia spikes and black is a chemical burn on goldfish). If you’re in a soft water area, it’s possible for pH to go acidic over time, and IIRC, this can cause raggedy fins. Your local fish store might be kind enough to run the test from a water sample. – Pam Jul 17 '19 at 8:29
  • Hi thanks so much for the advice! I’m new to really understanding and learning about my Betta fish. I’m not sure how to test or check my water chemistry. Are there any videos are articles you recommend on those subjects? I just put a Betta safe water conditioner in his tap water when I clean his tank. – Mia Jul 17 '19 at 17:57
  • He’s been in his rank since November but I’ve cleaned it out since then – Mia Jul 17 '19 at 17:58
  • You can buy kits for testing the chemistry in your tank, and your local fish/pet shop will be able to help with that. You should understand the nitrogen cycle, too. The basics are: fish eats plants, filter bacteria eats fish poo, plants eat stuff from filter. The three chemicals I suggested measuring will tell you which part of that circle is the problem. – Pam Jul 17 '19 at 18:04
  • FWIW, I keep goldfish and about 6 months into first setting up my tank, I took my first pH reading and discovered the fish were swimming in fairly acidic water. I live in a soft water area so I needed to get some buffer (coral gravel for me) to keep my pH up. I couldn’t have told but the fish looked a little raggedy then and got better once I fixed the problem. – Pam Jul 17 '19 at 18:08

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