We just adopted Blue, a now 5 months old female Husky/German Shepard mix who's about 40 lbs, and we have Nani, an almost 5 years old Basenji who's 14 lbs. They seemed to get along quite fine until yesterday.

Yesterday, Blue picked up the Nani by the scruff of her neck and Nani yelped pretty loudly while she was being held and we had to physically correct her for her to let go of Nani. Once Blue let go of Nani, she ran towards to back door to the yard (as if she wanted to get out), sat down and was shaking.

This happened again this morning...

I'm not sure if this is just Blue not knowing when her playing style goes too far or if this is something else, but this is quite scary for us as we're afraid that this could turn extremely dangerous and not end well for the younger dog.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  • Can you tell us where you got Blue from? A private breeder or shelter or anything? – Elmy Jun 20 at 6:10
  • she was adopted....some one found her on the side of the road and then we adopted her...origins are unknown... – lightweight Jun 21 at 21:42
  • Perhaps Blue thinks Nani is a puppy who she's adopted? Carrying an older dog by the scruff of it's neck is painful for them. So, Blue hurt Nani (without meaning to). A dominance issue, not a playtime issue. Blue wants to be "Nani's Mom". – elbrant Jun 22 at 18:59

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