I have a rabbit and a guinea pig kept together in my room. (They come along very well.)

I also happen to have a bunch of sparrow grass in front of me that I don't have any plans to do with. Could there be any trouble if I just feed it to the little guys?


Sparrow grass is the folk name for asparagus, as mentioned in the relevant Wikipedia article.

A German source Kaninchenwiese.de says:

Spargel kann regelmäßig angeboten werden, wenn er gefressen wird. Akzeptanz: schlecht.

Which, translated to English, means:

Asparagus could be frequently given to your rabbits. But in most cases, it's not well accepted and they do not like it very much.

The links lead to vegetable lists for rabbits ("Kaninchenwiese") and guinea pigs ("Meerschweinchenwiese"). Most vegetables are shown with pictures and all are marked with traffic light system:

  • red means "do not feed";
  • yellow means "not optimal" or "not well accepted";
  • green means "you can feed it without being worried".

Asparagus (Spargel in German) in this system has been assigned a "yellow" according to these criteria.

In every case you should give your rabbit and guinea pig a variety of food to choose from. It is necessary to ensure that they would not eat some inappropriate food in case they are hungry.

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    @Sonevol I was told to substantiate my answers with sources. Because there are two kind of animal, I give two sources. I probably would not follow an advice without source. I answered the OPs "could I feed sparrow grass". I do not understand your reason to vote down. Maybe you would give an answer fitting to your rules and let the community vote, so I can learn from this. – Allerleirauh May 27 '19 at 7:17
  • @Allerleirauh your answer is good but you can improve it by giving a short summary of what can be found in the links you provide,some times links die and then the answer loses some quality if it does not have the important information mentioned in the answer. – trond hansen May 27 '19 at 11:02
  • I agree that it would be benefical to provide a short summary about the links like what is the website itself and what it says about asparagus (especially since they're in german), but they're a pretty helpful scource, and you did answer my question, so I accept it. – Neinstein May 27 '19 at 15:41

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