My cat is still nursing her kittens that are 8 months old . She recently became pregnant again and delivered 4 kittens that were stillborn.

Could that be a cause of her still nursing the kittens from her precious litter?


I am not a cat expert, but with rabbits it would be highly likely to see the kits be stillborn when the mother was still nursing. There is some related information about rabbits here

Additionally it looks like your 8 month old kittens could be sexual mature, you do not mention having any of the kittens fixed, so it is possible that one of the male kittens was the father of the stillborn kittens. Inbreeding can be another cause of stillbirth.

The only definitive way to get an answer about why they kittens were stillborn, is by having a veterinarian look at the stillborn kittens.


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