I have taken in a couple of rescues. I have had Vinnie for over almost half a year. She was skinny when rescued but filled out nicely in a week or two. But she sometimes smells odd, and just now, it got weirder! She smelled a bit like pee at first, and shivered slightly and really wanted to curl up with me. She is nervous (from her pre rescue days, I fear), so I thought either she got spooked and had an accident, or another cat bullied her by peeing on her. Anyway, the smell quickly disappeared. But after resting on my stomach for some time, and purring instead of shivering, the fur she had on me smelled like caramel at first when she turned ovet, and felt a bit damp. She steals my potato chips, so I thought early diabeyes. But the smell became flowery a minute later, and the fur is now dry but cool and smells slightly of pine! There are no perfumes in the house due to my sensitivity, so she didn't play with that, at least!

  • is this an outdoor cat or indoor only, does your cat have the smell always or only sometimes. – trond hansen 2 days ago
  • Indoor, sometimes / rarely – Henry Stone 2 days ago

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