Has anyone got dogs taking gabapentin, particularly for back pain, who have noticed any behavioural changes? My 12 year old Canaan dog has been on gabapentin for a few months now for spondylitis (stiff vertebrae), but it's hard to detect any changes over such a long time.

He's been slowing down over the last year or so, and the vet thinks back pain may be the cause. But I can't really say whether the medication is having any effect on his activity. Tiredness is a side effect of the drug, and I'm happy for him to be tired and in less pain, but I'm wondering whether others have had similar experiences.


Gabapentin can cause sedation but the sedative side effects are usually transient. That being said, there are many medications that can treat chronic pain, and it may be a good idea to switch, but with gabapentin in particular, make sure you switch off of it gradually to minimize withdrawal, as it has a short half-life.

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