I have noticed the second "skin tag" on my (adult) dog. I pet, stroke, and massage my dog regularly and these seem to pop up suddenly - out of no-where. They resemble rice and appear to be fatty skin. They seem harmless enough and are not in an area that bothers her. Still... it concerns me.

Has anyone had similar issues or inquired about it with a Veterinarian?

Update: the rice shaped skin tag has fallen off. (What's up with that???)

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    Could you add a picture of such a tag to your question? And how does it feel? Hard, soft, dry, oily? Do they only appear in one particular place or anywhere? One at a time or many at once? – Elmy Nov 27 '18 at 21:11
  • This is her second one. It feels like a human skin tag, kind of mushy but retains the shape of a rice grain. She has had one on her side, and one on the back of her ear. Each at seperate times over the last 8 months. The first one (on her side) I removed accidentally. This recent one (on her ear) came off without my knowledge - either through her scratching, or her collar scraping it off, or in playtime with other dogs. Not sure when or how. Too late for pictures though. (No blood with either tag) – elbrant Nov 27 '18 at 23:51

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