We have young curious large breed dogs who make using mouse traps and poison difficult and/or dangerous. We also have a ball python who lives in his terrarium, not free roaming.

All information I have found about electronic repellent devices say they are OK for dogs but to keep hamsters and other rodents away. I can't find anything about the affect on snakes. Google just gives me a long list about using/preventing/pros/cons of snakes eating mice and rats. Is this a viable option for iur home?

  • the frequency of electronic rodent repellers is probably too high for snakes to hear thesprucepets.com/are-snakes-bothered-by-loud-noises-1239469 as a side note some of the low cost rodent repellers are even safe for rodents some of them do not work at all.wellcome to pets. Oct 27, 2018 at 5:28
  • I'd suggest using a dog-safe means to poison them. Professional exterminators put poisonous baits into a tube so it's unaccessable by cats and dogs. The tubes actually increase the chance of rodents eating it. They look like this
    – Elmy
    Oct 27, 2018 at 6:35

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The elecronic repellers appear to work by making a high-pitched sound. Snakes don't hear all too well. I haven't seen mine react to any loud noises, like music or fireworks. If there's anything they're going to hear, it'll be the lower vibrations through the ground. I wouldn't worry in this case.

As for the dog-safe poison Elmy suggested, be advised that snakes would most likely be able to enter them if a rat or mouse can. Or at very least too close for comfort. So be advised if you let them free-roam for their exercise.

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