i got my leo a month ago. i love her to bits, her name's frankie. the vet said she was around 6 months old. maybe i'm just worrying too much, but i figured i should get input anyway.

to begin, i have a hot side and cool side of the tank; the hot side is 87 and the cool side is 70. the hot side is powered by a heat lamp, which also powers the heat mat underneath (otherwise it can't maintain its heat). the substrate is reptile carpet, which i clean at the end of the week with all of her hides and tank. i feed her every day 3 crickets and i switch between calcium spray (i also have powder in a bowl for her to eat whenever she needs it)and multivitamin. i also have a UVB light set up that i put on during the day so she can rest.

she's a weird one; she's constipated and it worries me. i feel like she doesn't poop as much as a leopard gecko should, and when she does (it does have its white and brown component), it looks like a literal bean. it's also a bit wet. unfortunately she always poops whenever i'm not around, so it gets dried out by the heat lamp and therefore can't be tested (and her poops are so rare. i'll try and get a sample this weekend if she does). in addition, she sometimes makes noises out of the blue. i know they're capable of doing so, but with that and the constipation, something seems off. she's also an unstable walker. yes, she can run, but when she walks slowly, it's always very shaky. today she had a head spasm (maybe she was swallowing?? this happened after eating, but the crickets are pretty small) for a few seconds and that worried me even more.

she eats regularly. sometimes i see her drink water. although today when i finished feeding her, she tried lunging for a rock. she bit it too, and when i took them away, she kept looking at them as i moved them back and forth. i did this to test if they were interesting to her. and i was right. so no more rocks in the tank. i then changed her water, and after putting reptisafe in it, she looked at the bottle the same way she looked at the rocks. i think she wanted to eat that too.

i took her to the vet on monday. after an exam (which consisted of looking at her stomach for signs of impaction, her gums, and eyes), she was fine, however her feces couldn't be tested since they'd dried out. the vet said (at least for the constipation issue) to use a UVB light (which i had just started) and to maybe try a bath. i know that frankie will hate it; she doesn't like me holding her.

this was...a lot.

the question: why is she constipated and what can i do? ever since i started the UVB light, i feel like her constipation's gotten worse. it's been a week since she's pooped.

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    There are a lot of words here, I did not read them all. Can you edit your question to clarify what is you are asking? – James Jenkins Oct 12 '18 at 12:39
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    of course! basically why is she constipated, what can i do, and given that and her other symptoms, can this indicate a bigger health problem? – budzoned Oct 15 '18 at 22:33
  • Thanks the helps, I am not a reptile expert but we have a couple, hopefully one will answer soon. – James Jenkins Oct 16 '18 at 12:17

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