I've been reluctant to ask this question as there many lists like this all over the net. However, another question I had about cavies made that there isn't a good list of all synonyms and what information is availalbe isn't presented as clearly as one would hope. Therefore, I'm hoping this community can compile a comprehensive list of the onomatopoeias used.

Most guinea pig noises are described by several different onomatopoeias, what triggers have they been associated with?

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Guinea Pig Onomatopoeias and Their Meanings


Synonyms: wheet. whistle, squeek, squeel

Causes: Excitement, anticipation; a call for attention, usually in association food associated sounds, requests for help

Hesitant Week

Synonyms: Uncertain Beg

Causes: Unclean cage, or a guess that food is near by

Shriek (high pitched wheek)

Synonyms: scream, squeel

Causes: Pain, or great fear, or warning to stay away


Synonyms: squeak (shopping cart wheel)

Causes: Contentment, usually accompanied by occasional purring


Synonyms: Sometimes confused with a rumble

Causes: Happyness, Joy


Synonyms: Short Purr

Causes: Noises that frighten the guinea pig, annoyances


Synonyms: Deep Purr, Coo

Causes: Mating call


Synonyms: Chubble, Mutter

Causes: Freedom, exploration, contentment


Synonyms: Moan, Complaining

Causes: A pig is disturbed by another in it's own cage, or dislikes the way a human is touching it.


Synonyms: singing

Causes: Unknown; possibly because a guinea pig was startled, or just because


Synonyms: (teeth) chatter

Causes: Angry, Upset guinea pig with the potential to become hostile


Synonyms: (none)

Causes: Anger, agitation; usually accompanies by teeth chattering.


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