One of my 'issues' is to move my cat's hands or head out of my keyboard. He just loves to sleep on my 'affairs' ? I even had to take off 'Screenshot' key (because it caused so many unwanted incindents. Imagine to close 42 windows!) So I'm wondering the frequency and intensity of cats desire to lay on keyboards, and any possible cure for that?


This might sound strange but cats do not love keyboards or laptops or books.

It is you that causes the cats behaviour,you are giving the computer or the book a lot of attention so in your cats mind this must be interresting.

The cat see you sitting relaxed reading on screen or in your book and the cat thinks this is a good time to get some attention.

My cat do walk in front of my monitor for a short time before she lays down on my pc table,she likes to sleep/relax close to me(she is laying by my side right now).


Cats love warm places and they love to be the center of attention (as trond hansen already remarked). A laptop keyboard combines both characteristics and is twice as interesting for cats.

If you want to keep your cat off your keys, teach him that he's not supposed to sit on it by pushing him off. Offer him a more intetesting and comfortable alternative like a carton. Cats love cartons because they have insulating properties and feel warm to them. (This is also the reason why cats sit on books or papers.) Move the carton close to your screen but conveniently out of your way.

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