I'm looking into tracker devices for my cat. Something that I can put on it's collar to help track it down if it gets lost.

My cat weights about 5kg. The tracker weighs about 10g. Is this too heavy for the cats neck or will it be ok?

Cat doesn't seem to be showing any discomfort wearing it, but i'd like to be sure


A cat tracker weighing 10 gram is not too heavy for your cat,but cats in general do not like to have objects hanging around their neck.

I think it is better to get your cat microchipped to avoid it beeing lost,but this is probably something you have done.

If your cat do spend his/her time in your garden you will probably not need to use the tracker there,but if you bring the cat with you to unknown areas using it might be a good idea.

A cat of normal size have no problems in carrying 50 grams around the neck for the whole day,but they will need some time to get used to it dangeling around the neck,and they might get scared at first.

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