I have a juvenile leopard gecko, I will be going on vacation soon for 3 days. I don't know if he'll be okay while I'm gone? I will feed him before I go, but I usually feed him 10-15 crickets every other day. But, I wont be there for 3 day and I'm scared he'll be starving while I'm gone.

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Good to go!

Doing a feeding before you go is plenty, your gecko will survive the 3 day vacation without any worries.

Their tails are made as an energy reserve, they can go many weeks without a meal by utilizing the fat stored in their tails.

A Few Tidbits

  • Ensure he has plenty of water
  • Ensure temps stay at an adequate level to prevent him from getting too cold or too hot.
  • If possible have his lighting set to a timer so it can automatically turn on/off at the appropriate times.

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