For example, is there a significant difference in the prevalence of pet dog ownership in the United States among the white, black and Hispanic populations, or in Britain among the White British, Black British and British Pakistani populations?

Please note that I am asking only about pet dogs, not about dogs kept principally for personal protection or other work.

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In the United States, it seems that the rate of pet dog ownership is more than twice as high among white people than among black people, and nearly twice as high as it is among people of Hispanic ethnicity. A survey of 3014 respondents conducted by Pew in that country in 2005 (source, full report) found that the percentages of respondents with each of the three ethnicities who had a dog were as follows:

white    45%
Hispanic 26%
black    20%

The differences do not seem to be explicable purely by income inequality, since the figures for income brackets were as follows:

$100000+       50%
$50000-$99999  44%
$30000-$49999  42%
$0-$29999      29%

Note that the researchers asked specifically about pets, not about dogs kept exclusively for other purposes.

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