We had adopted a feral kitten, It was very difficult to get her into our control as she would be scared if we tried to hold her but we continued to keep her food outside so that she eats it.

After few months(7 months) she became friendlier. I was very much attached to her. She used to stay out whole day and at night slept in our bathroom inside.

One day even after calling a lot of times she didn't come out of the bathroom, When I went inside she was struggling to walk. She had lost control of her rear legs and was trying to drag from the front feet.

I immediately took her to vet. The vet examined her . I informed that she had been attacked by a stray cat on her head a few months ago, but that had cured by now. I was told that she's anemic and the vet put her some drips and injection(maybe pain killers) but couldn't really determine the cause of this sudden paralysis.

While she was still on that drips, she dilated her eyes and stretched her legs. The vet gave answer. I couldn't digest the fact. I called her repeatedly, petted her and with my calls she again started 'meow'ing. I was happy again. She hadn't eaten anything from the day of this sudden paralysis(2 days ago) I went home, she still refused to eat, couldn't move around. She had lost her control of moving. After few hours, she was serious again(dilated eyes, stretched out legs, no response) I ran immediately to see the vet. On the way, she was trying to tell something(it was continuous movement of mouth like chewing) She called out 'meow' twice. She took heavy breaths twice and lay motionless. She just left me.

Many questions were left unanswered. Hope anyone tries answering to it.

i)How did my kitten who was playful and healthy suddenly become paralyzed overnight?

ii)Why was she anemic even after feeding her the healthiest of foods?

iii)Did the attack on head by other cats affect her so deeply? But that was like 2 months ago and had already cured.

iv)How could she die in a span of just 2 days after sudden paralysis?

She wasn't even a year old. How could she leave me :(

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    You have been to two vets and do not have a solution, I am not sure that we can help you more than they have. Possibly adding results of x-rays and lab work would help. P.S. going to the vet about this before asking here is a great choice. – James Jenkins May 3 '18 at 12:08
  • @JamesJenkins I am writing this with extreme grief. She died a few minutes ago. She had unbearable pain and was struggling hard but before her time of death, she became calm, looked at me, then bent her head and stretched her legs and died peacefully. – Mueez Siraj May 3 '18 at 13:48
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    My sympathies, this is a hard time. I understand. – James Jenkins May 3 '18 at 13:54
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    Sorry to hear of your loss. Feel free to come to The Litter Box chatroom if you want to talk about it. We're always happy to listen. – Henders May 3 '18 at 14:35
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    This may not be the answer you asked for, but I believe the answer you're in need of is: You did absolutely everything you could do, but unfortunately that is not always enough. You may never know what happened, but try to remember that you did right by your friend, and she seems to have loved you very much. – Stig Tore May 4 '18 at 10:15

I am so sorry your lost your little friend. I know how bad that can hurt. Outdoor cats (and all animals) often live very harsh and short lives.

There are a number of diseases such as FIP that can affect a cat’s nervous system causing paralysis, spasms and convulsions. They can catch these diseases from other cats, other animals or just the outdoor environment.

Some of them can effect the cat in as little as one day.

If your cat contracted one of these bad diseases they often stop eating, which can cause anemia. These diseases can be fatal. Cats are also not tolerant to starvation at all. They can rapidly rapidly develop kidney disease and failure after just a few days of not eating.

You can take comfort in the fact that you helped this little one survive, and not feel the pain of hunger every day.


My cat was 6 months old when suddenly he went paralyzed. The day he was paralyzed he was playing in the morning and around 6 I saw him lying flat on the ground with no control over his entire body. He could just move his eyes and little bit of movement in his upper legs only a little so I took him to animal hospital where he was attached to a drip. Doctor gave him 2 injections and told me take him back and cover him with blankets and bring next day for blood test. But when the drip was removed he stopped responding and even the slightest bit of response was not there. Doctor gave him another injection buy we lost him. I gave my cat the best cat food. Clean drinking water and he was pampered by all in the family. One if the strange habits he had was he loved drinking water but he drank dirty water as well from the shower, soapy water, out of the kitchen and bathroom drain and puddle of mud. I never understood why he did that. I did my best to stop him from doing so as well. But we lost him. I dont what was the reason as he was absolutely fine that day and withing some hours we lost him.

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