I have 1 year old cat with poor coat, I visited a vet several times but he says there is nothing wrong with the cat. His recommendation was to change the cat food.

When I fed my cat "Royal Canin Persian Kitten" his coat was average. Then the vet asked me to switch from "Royal Canin" to "Josera Cat Food". I didn't see any improvement in his coat. Now the vet wants me to switch to "Royal Canin Skin and Care Nutrition" which is really expensive.

  1. Should I switch food again?
  2. Is a poor coat the result of feeding only dry food, and wet food once or twice a month?
  3. What should I feed my cat to improve his coat?

I have no better health advice then your vet has.

But, if my cat is healthy otherwise, I would not change cat food for a really expensive food.

Now, depending on where you live the quality of the cat food might not be up to what is needed. The European Union has rules on that and so even low price dry cat food that claims to be a total / complete food will be healthy for a cat. Try to find out what the rules are in your country. And there might even be some comparative tests on the available cat food.

You might try a small bag of the expensive cat food, see if you find it worth your money.

  • I would have visited the vet if I trusted vets of my city, I have already told in question what they advice me. They are only here to make money and my current vet is currently the most educated vet in my city. That is why I ask questions here – Daniyal Javaid May 1 '18 at 16:20

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