I found an empty, chewed up bottle of Galliprant (20mg, maybe 20 tablets left) when I got home. Should I do anything or be worried about an overdose?

My dogs seem completely normal (after 12 or more hours). One is a Westie (16 lbs), and the other is a mutt (29 lbs), and they are both 14 years old. The mutt likely has early stage kidney disease, a nodule on his liver, for which he takes Denamarin, "gunk" in his gall bladder, for which he takes Ursodiol, and back stiffness/pain, for which he is taking gabapentin, and Galliprant.


From the Galliprant website:

Galliprant tested at up to approximately 15X the labeled dose for 9 months in healthy dogs.

  • Studied at up to approximately 15X the labeled 2 mg/kg dose for a 9-month duration in healthy dogs

  • No clinically significant changes in liver, kidney or coagulation parameters

  • No noticeable effects on food consumption, body weight, ECG, organ weight or hematology

  • In most situations, gastrointestinal disturbances were mild or slight and fairly infrequent

  • Neither treatment nor GI disturbance was associated with changes in appetite, appearance or demeanor of dogs

Depending on the weight of your dog he could be fine or become ill. I highly recommend calling the company as they have veterinarians on staff to direct you in the right direction for their product.

ELANCO 1-888-545-5973

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