I have heard about rabbit owners using a "bunny burrito" as part of their rabbit grooming process.

What is it?

How and when should it be used?

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    @Chad, it is not just a UK thing, also used on cats, you wrap the rabbit or cat in a towel. Often with someone else holding the wrapped pet and extract one paw at a time for nail clipping. Do you have a different name for it? Commented Jan 5, 2014 at 11:21
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    Wrapping in a towel :p
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    LOL, How unimaginative what a boring group you hang out with. Commented Jan 5, 2014 at 22:24
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    There are lots of hints about the answer in the comments here, new users are encouraged to create an answer, using the comments as start. Commented Jan 7, 2014 at 20:35
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    @Virtualxtc - I think the question is fine. The point is to have the content here to be found if someone searches for it. This is a softball for someone who knows the answer feel free to knock it out of the park.
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Bunny burrito should really be called bunny enchilada; it's when you wrap up the bunny up tightly in a towel so that only its face and tail stick out, thereby restricting it's ability to use it's legs.

It's most commonly used when force feeding medicine and inspecting oral hygiene and genitals.

Bunny burrito usually is not used for grooming, but could be effective if one needed to focus grooming on an area near the tail or face, however, putting a bunny on a low traction waist-high table, or holding it against your chest, or just petting it with all "4 on the floor" are all preferred of this more stressful technique. Contrary to the information in this answer, it is not possible to use bunny burrito for belly grooming as exposing the belly would also leave the bunny's legs mobile.

Bunny burrito could potentially be used for nail trimming by loosening one edge of the towel just enough so that a paw my be removed and individual addressed. However, the bunny trance method, while considered equally stressful, provides faster quicker access to the rabbits paws and thus is preferred by rabbit care professionals. Moreover, professionals recommend owners try the table method first as it's least stressful for the rabbit.

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