Folks, I'm planning to add pressurized CO2 cylinder for my new tank. But now I'm stuck between the 2 cylinder materials: steel and aluminium:

  • Steel is cheap, durable and heavy.
  • Aluminium is a little costly and lightweight, not sure about durability.

I live in New Delhi, India. So, please suggest me a good option.

  • Do you mean that you're going to store the CO2 in the cylinder or that you're going to ferment bio mass and produce the CO2 inside it? – Karl Richter Aug 14 '17 at 0:48
  • No, normal pressurized CO2. – vijayraj34 Aug 14 '17 at 2:28

Get whatever is cheapest. Cylinders for aquariums experience almost zero wear since they're just sitting under an aquarium. No benefit in spending more on one for this purpose.

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  • OK, is there any difference between steel and carbon steel? – vijayraj34 Aug 11 '17 at 0:57

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