I'm planning to buy hatchling or baby turtles and working out for a good home for them. I'm going to get a 36 gallon bow shaped tank but not sure if there are any specifics/dimensions I should follow while buying a tank especially to have baby turtles. Also, not sure if 36 gallon tank is too big for them to withstand.

Turtle Breed: Mud/Musk

Appreciate any additional suggestions reg this.

  • You should have in mind the grown size of you baby turtles. If you give them a big enough tank at beginning you do not need to buy a second if they grow. The water level is the one thing that will grow with them. Commented Feb 7, 2020 at 17:41

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36 Gallons is a good size for baby turtles. If you are keeping the turtles to a larger size you definitely want to upgrade the size of the tank. Turtles like to roam. Width and Length are more important than height. For example a 40 gallon breeder tank is something I always recommend to new turtle owners. As long as they have enough room to swim and a basking spot out of the water that is big enough for multiple turtles, a filter, and a heater they should be fine.

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