Is there a smart collar that keeps your dog in a perimeter by shock and leash pull simulation? I am looking for something a lot like Petelligent, but they went out of business. I am looking for something that does a lot of the same things.

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    Please update your question with the type of dog you have and what functions you are trying to do. Someone may be able to suggest a collar or a combination of training and physical infrastructure that can do the same thing.
    – Zaralynda
    Aug 7, 2017 at 16:15

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There are so many types of collar that produce a shock. Normally people utilize this static shock just to make the dog behave and also a common device for the dog trainer. Some people prefer this kind of collar as an anti-bark collar as well. This is because it will make the dog stop barking, I mean of course with the certain amount of acceptable static electrical shock and also suitable training. We do not want to hurt our dog. It is not intended as a punishment.

For whatever reason it is, there is always, the pro, the cons and the ugly side of the shock collar. We know the best our pet and no matter what kind of function that you intend to do, here I am going to suggest a few shock collar. For an example, you can try the SportDOG Rechargeable Collar with the 10 level of shock that works best for your dog and the training session. Furthermore, you can see the wide range of other collar brands here.


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