Warning, I am completely new to owning rabbits! Have had guinea pigs/hamsters in the past but no rabbits.

I am interested in buying two mini lop rabbits and have a large garden but a small budget. What would be the best sized hutch for them that is not too expensive? Would it be OK to just have a run with a little sheltered bit for them? Also have two dogs so living indoors isn't really an option, any ideas?


If i were to get two rabbits that had already bonded, i.e from the same family, would i need to get them spayed/neutered or will they not fight as they get older? If they are spayed/neutered how would i look after them when they got home (for ex. would i split them up for a few days?)


What medical needs do they have? found bits and bobs of their needs on the internet but nothing was particularly clear to me.

Many thanks,