I am getting a kitten from from a women, the momma cat and her kittens were dropped off at her house. They're not ready yet so I've only seen them in pictures. She estimated that they are about 4-5 weeks old because they have started eating a little wet food. The one that I am getting looks a lot fluffier than it's siblings so I was curious as to if it will have long or short hair? I figured it could be possible for one or more of the kittens to have long hair because no one knows who the farther is. I asked but she doesn't know/isn't sure. I was just wondering if anyone on here could tell? How or when could you tell? Pictures of the kitten and one of its siblings below

kitten that I'm getting Sibling of Kitten


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Your kitten looks to be medium to long-haired to me.Pretty fluffy. I have medium-haired cat who I rescued at 3 weeks old and his coat surprised me when it came in so I'm leaning to long-haired for your little one.

The longer hair hasn't been an issue and he likes being brushed. I started early to get him accustomed to being handled and brushed and do recommend it.

Keirnan 3 weeks oldA recent pic


I think your kitten isn't a short-hair cat because of its dense and long-hair coat. If the mother or/and father of it has/have long hair, the possibility is higher. Also, some kittens have the medium-long but thin hair that would shed gradually since the fourth month. After that, their real coat-short hair- will appear soon. I also have a long-hair cat, I adopted him when he was five months old. At that time, he already had a white and dense and long fur. However, I adopted another short-hair kitten (about 4 weeks). His hair was shorter and thinner than your kitten when I first saw him. After 3 months, I can certify he is a real short-hair cat! This is the first cat I mentioned above.

enter image description here

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