While setting up lactated ringers bag I accidentally poked it with needle causing small leak, if I tape the hole can I still use it? Thanks

  • Yes, new bag and new needle. I played it safe and did not use. Thank you
    – pat
    Commented Jan 11, 2017 at 2:42

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No, you have compromised the contents. Tape is not going to make a seal that will keep the contents sterile.

I am assuming the needle was new and sterile.

I am assuming a brand new bag, that was just removed from it's outer container.

In this case and if an emergency I might use it for the one IV/Sub Q dose that I was trying to deliver when I accidentally poked the bag. But I would throw it out and get new supplies for the next treatment.

If either the Bag or Needle were not brand new at the time of the accident, I would not even consider it for emergency use. Excepting life or death, which this would not be if there is time to look online for an answer.

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