I live in Brazil. I have a 52 gallon tank. It has small common species such as molly. The PH is very alkaline(7.5 - 8). The fish are healthy. I bought some plants: elodeas(Egeria densa). They were growing fast and becoming tall. Some reached out the surface.

But a lot of snails showed up. Uncountable snails. I killed some that were on the glass, however there were a lot, so I went to the store and bought a product that has Copper Sulfate, and Iron Sulfate on its composition. The salesman said to apply one drop for each 5 five liters. So I did it, for three times, with 24 hour between each application.

After that the plants start to die. The leaves became brown and are falling.

I think the product is the cause because they were healthy and growing so much before that.

Someone knows if the mentioned elements of the product would be the cause?

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    As I understand it, you bough plants at a store that contaminated your tank with snails, then went to the same store and bought a product to control the snail, which then killed the plants. Maybe you need to look for a different store? Dec 27 '16 at 13:29
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    Yeap! Same store. I've never thought that.
    – Murilo
    Dec 27 '16 at 13:35
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    And to get rid of the snails, it's better to get some Assassin snails: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clea_helena Much better then adding chemicals to your tank.
    – Diether
    Dec 28 '16 at 21:25

At least Copper Sulfate is a possible cause of the plants' degeneration. NPIC has this to say about Copper Sulfate:

Copper sulfate is an inorganic compound that combines sulfur with copper. It can kill bacteria, algae, roots, plants, snails, and fungi.

Copper Sulfate is also used to kill roots in sewer lines. Presumably if it can kill roots, it is not very good for plants.

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