I have a baby bearded dragon that's 28 days old and haven't had any feeding nor pooping problems until today in the morning.

I ran out of crickets 2 days ago and went to buy more crickets at a different shop that I usually go to. They didn't have any pinhead crickets but they had "small" crickets available and I took them. It had spent about half day without eating that day and fed I with no problems.

This morning I noticed her poop but it had a good part that looked like crickets. I tried feeding her again and didn't want to eat the smallest crickets I have. It would eat them if I dropped a few in the tank - if I grab the pinhead crickets with tweezers or let them crawl on my hand and let her catch them, but she's not interested.

Should I stop feeding her these "small" crickets or should I go purchase actual pinhead crickets?


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If they seemed too big for her they may have upset her belly, it happens sometimes that the bugs haven't digested properly. Feel free to feed her some greens as well, a bit easier to digest.

Another thing to consider are parasites, always good to bring a fecal sample to your vet hospital to check, I have yet to look at a sample with no parasites. Those little buggers will cause GI issues, lethargy and innapitence.

Feel free to post a picture of your Beardie and the crickets if you're unsure if they're too big or not. Typical rule of thumb is no bigger then the width of their head.


A good way to tell if your bearded dragon Should be able to eat a cricket is if the cricket is big enough to fit in the gap between their eyes. Never feed a bearded dragon anything bigger than that gap. I have had my bearded dragon since she was a baby and I have always fed her small crickets and she loves them. Unfortunately I don't know what a pinhead is.

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