I brush my cat with this thing:

enter image description here

I brush her every three days. My cat's fur is medium length (she's not long-haired; more like the cat in the picture).

Even with the brushing I still have cat hair everywhere in my room: on bedcovers, socks, and other clothes; and it's very hard to get rid of it! I even don't know how to cleanup my bedcover right now, it's all covered in cat fur. I tried to wash it in the washing machine but this didn't help (and my cat likes to sleep on it).

What can I do to stop this fur apocalypse?


Cats Shed. Most cats have fur of more than one color so they can visibly shed on anything.

Vacuuming, especially a vacuum that has a small beater-brush for upholstery, can help.

Velour fur removers, Velour lint brush

[the red cloth on the brush picks up fur from furniture or carpet]

sticky fur removers, Sticky lint brush

[hair sticks to the scotch-tape like surface]

or grooming gloves

Pet grooming glove

[surface is similar to rubber and picks up hair when petting cat]

can all help.

Keeping clothes in drawers and closets can help. Picking clothing that has colors and patterns that hide the fur can help more.

Personally, I gave up ages ago. Except for formal clothing, I simply accept that I will be wearing evidence that I have a cat, and if it bothers anyone that is their problem, not mine. The formal clothing gets stored in bags, checked for new fur before I go out, and bagged again immediately after dry-cleaning.

(People shed too, but we have hair rather than fur, and it behaves a bit differently.)

  • For rugs and upholstery, one thing I have found useful is to rub the fabric with a damp washcloth. The fur tends to ball up and can be removed more easily. – mhwombat Dec 1 '16 at 14:40
  • Also, when drying cat hair covered clothes in your dryer, use of anti-static sheets is essential. If you use them, the hair tends to go to the lint trap, but without them the hair just spreads evenly among everything in the load. – Mark Ripley Dec 2 '16 at 9:10

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