A mother gave birth to 5 puppies near my apartment, which is in an isolated area, a short while ago. I only noticed them 4 nights ago and started to feed her 2 chicken drumsticks everyday which is no where near enough but it was all I could do. She gave birth to one brown puppy, 3 which are a mixture of brown and white and one completely black which is the odd one out. I didn't notice anything odd yesterday but today I noticed that she moved her all puppies to a new new location, only a few feet away from the old one, except her black puppy which was left all alone. I picked it up and put it with its brothers and sisters and that point is started drizzling. I came back after 2 hours and found that the mother had moved all her puppies again to a warmer location except for the black one. It was left out in the cold under the rain and it screeching while it's mother was only 5 steps away and seemed to pay it no mind. Clearly she has decided to abandon this one. I picked her up, brought her home and warmed her up with a blanket but I don't know what I should do. It does not seem to have any congenital abnormalities. I don't know if it is sick or if the mother just can't take care of all five so she had to abandon one. There is no vet out here where I live and definitely no store that sells puppy milk formula. What do I do with it and what do I feed it?


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Call the nearest dog rescue center and ask them for advice. They deal with this kind of case all of the time.

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    Depends what country this person is in. Not every place is fortunate enough to have these things.
    – user6796
    Nov 27, 2016 at 4:55

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