We're in a bit of a weird situation with our cat Rosie (female, 8 years old). We've had her for most of her life, yet have never seen her refuse to eat her food as much as she has this week. More specifically:

  • Rosie seems to be in good health, though we haven't taken her to the vet in a while. She's not on any medications.
  • Rosie is an outdoor cat; she walks around our neighborhood, but usually comes inside once or twice a day.
  • She has not vomited, urinated, or pooped any more or any differently than usual, to the best of our knowledge (remember, we don't know where exactly she goes).
  • She's lost a fair bit of weight recently, but she doesn't seem any more lethargic or frail than usual.
  • This has only really been going on for the past week.

We've tried feeding her the following:

  • Several varieties of wet and dry food (mostly fish-based)
  • Our dog's food
  • Some combination of the above mixed with a special kind of goat milk

And we've tried giving it to her in the following ways:

  • Outside, near the door we usually let her in from
  • Inside my room (she likes me the most)
  • With our other cat temporarily locked in another room (she hates him)

Rosie normally eats this stuff. She'll also eat the following (but we haven't tried it as we don't have any right now):

Is it possible that Rosie is sick? Is she being fussier than usual? Or is she just preparing for a modeling gig we weren't informed about?

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A change in appetite, and weight loss, are both signs that a pet may be ill. You should consult your veterinarian.

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    We wound up ultimately doing this. Let's just say it was a good call. Thank you for the insight.
    – JesseTG
    Commented Aug 31, 2016 at 0:30

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