It's sometime since my fish body poped up with color of white, and then it's tail some how more blody, i asked someone and send picture he didn't reply, so i went to store yesterday, and he replied to use ceftriaxone, but since i used that once before for another disease maybe a month ago, once the main shop owner came buy, i again asked the same question, so he replied it's some kind of Fungus, and i have to use tetra cycling pill 1 per 30 littre, so my aquarium is 108 littre, and i add it, but once i did some research, ... i didn't found that sign, but seeing fungus on internet, at firsts is wasn't like that at all, that was somehow different, so i wanted to make sure... also since it took a week, my fish body got scare in that place,...

Here are some photos...

Body And Tail Side View, See How Much It Poped Up BTW, these image are from today, so its more than just to get poped out, it also like a wound

if by any chance, the medicine was wrong, or i have to add any other things, please tell me,...

Let me note something else before hit the "Post your question" button. around two week ago, i was about to remove a cutted out leaf, and once i saw something start to move like a single root in the aquarium, since the movement were so much and rounded shape, i though it was a worm... very slim like a single root, white, and with so much and rounded movement... sincei t were close to outlet of filter, i'm not sure, bTW, i tried to remove it, took it with the leaf, not sure if it removed... any thing about that?

Update 2016-09-05

Today, he losses most of his last tail fin, he got slower, so at last i could take him. during this time they (the big shop owner) recomended 'tetracycling' and i give them, twise, 2 day ago i bougth cefteriaxone for another couse, and just to make sure, so since then his stomach seem less poped, but still... i don't know what to say,

I didn't have any more cefteriaxone, so after seperating him, i add one glass of aquarium water, which contain a little of that drug, add a little tetracycling, and i also add salt, he survived till now, if he get better, i shall add some salt to the aquarium it self, i saw some very small sign of sickness on some fishes during these recent days.

Here are some new picture of that fish:

enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here

Update 2016-09-06

The fish just died 😞 I still kept the body of i found time today, I'll take it to someone maybe other don't meet the same destiny...



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